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Werner Bekker’s New Single ‘Withdrawal’ Will Leave You Craving More...

“Am I your lover? I just don’t know anymore”, Werner Bekker questions in new single Withdrawal, as he realises that giving up smoking is now affecting his relationship.

As with the folk singer-songwriter’s long list of repertoire, Withdrawal is an extremely personal song with beautifully scripted lyrics which takes its listeners on a narrative journey as well as a sonic one.

Werner explains, “Withdrawal explores the emotions one feels when dealing with giving up on ones vice. Whether this is smoking, drinking, eating or whatever you do to take the edge off. When we lose this coping mechanism we tend to take our frustration out on the ones we love. We over-analyse every situation because we are left to deal with our very raw emotions without having a numbing agent to lighten the blows.”

Acoustically driven with some percussive beats and complimented by Werner’s incredible vocal capability, the track is packed with emotions and there is no doubt it will be well received by fans and critics alike.

Download or stream the single here: http://hyperurl.co/230qwz

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