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Weed Dealer & The Many Grams - Finest Quality/ Slowest Delivery

TLDR; South Africa has something special with Weed Dealer.

Now, let’s get into this. After the release of ‘The Chain’ on the 9th of May 2019, we’ve been waiting for more Weed Dealer. As previously discussed their debut EP was a breath of fresh air. The band based between Johannesburg and Cape Town has captured the hearts of a lot of people in and around the scene. Weed Dealer and The Many Grams released ‘Finest Quality Slowest Delivery’, a split EP that consists of three songs from each band, on the 1st of May. This will be short of a year from their first release but the wait was worth it. Very, very fitting title for this EP. Weed Dealer starts off ‘Finest Quality/ Slowest Delivery’ with ‘G.T.F.O’, a song that runs for one minute. That’s sixty seconds. A lot can happen in sixty seconds and a lot does happen. We are greeted with a friendly guitar riff that catches you, runs away with you and slows down and just leaves you behind. It all happens so quick. You feel the need to hear more build but it’s all over. This is such a strong opening track, it gives you a clear idea of what to expect but also stands out as it’s own song. ‘The Price of Progress’ is up next and it deals with living up to social expectations and losing your sense of self and it’s possibly one of my new favourite songs of all time. The opening lyric hits hard. Highlighting that a lot more people deal with things others wouldn’t even see. The feature of Samall SLANDER also brings so much power to the outro of the song. It’s a strong contrast to the first part of the song. The guitars are more distorted, the drums are being hit harder and the bass is bringing the thunder as opposed to the more melodically driven first part of the song. It’s a song that keeps catching my interest every time I listen to it. The third and final track on Weed Dealers' side of ‘Finest Quality/ Slowest Delivery’ catches you a bit off guard but in the best way. Sounding like a modern take on something a 60’s Surf band would write today. The layering of the vocals and the very washed in reverb guitars add to make this song quite distinct in it’s approach. Something that I personally like about this song is that it kinda shows off the vocal capabilities this band has. Melody awareness is quite important and the layering of these vocals are perfectly harmonious. Up next we go to the The Many Grams’ side of the split and you can hear this will be a much different experience. A four piece alternative rock band from Venezia, Italy. With a more broken down approach the first thing that comes to mind of The Many Grams is that they leave space where they can. The opening song from The Many Grams, ‘Secret Handshakes’, opens with the whole band playing a slow, melodic and rich opening couple of bars that go into a strong riff that will be used as a transitional part between the verses and choruses of the song. I really like the use of the lead behind the vocals in the verses, it brings a chimeyness to the song that you wouldn’t expect. The bridge also serves as a breakdown, with the rhythm guitar, bass and drums acting as a great base for the vocals and the lead guitar to work off of. ‘Toxic Romance’ is a more drawn back song. It catches your attention with its use of musical space. An isolated guitar starting off the track is already a nice change from the previous song. When the rest of the band do come in, it fills all the space that was left. Making the part before the first verse sound absolutely huge. It leads to a verse that goes back to having so much space, with only drums and bass playing underneath the vocals with little sparkles from the guitars added here and there. Giving a listen to the chorus gives you a rich and full feeling with it again using the space it created in a very cool way. The Many Grams end off their side of ‘Finest Quality/ Slowest Delivery’ with ‘Shiny Nights’. It’s my personal favourite song from this side of the EP. It opens with a dissonant guitar and some very angry vocals. It really sits well after the previous two songs but also stands out as a song on it’s own. The chorus is nicely layered and heavy, bringing a lot of attention to the vocals. The bridge has a powerful riff that leads into the closing chords of this track. It serves as a great closing song for the EP because it leaves you wanting more of what you’ve heard in the last 17 minutes. As a whole ‘Finest Quality/ Slowest Delivery’ is a very strong follow up from Weed Dealer and The Many Gram previous releases. I want to focus in on Weed Dealer for this last bit because they bring something special to us every time they do something. Even if it’s just releasing a new run of merch when they do shows, we notice it and we try to support where we can (I still want the pink print shirt they originally released). There is no hiding it that I love them and their music but it is very valid because the quality of their releases are so damn good that we can’t get enough. We definitely have something special with this band.

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