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The Lebowski Release “Come Around” Music Video

The Lebowski’s new video is dripping with youth and rebellion, but it has a glaze of melancholy about it that can only come from a more grown up perspective.

It is as edgy as it is on edge and as clear as the unromantic words come out, they are softened by the doubt of what it was supposed to mean in the first place. The douchy overtones are quickly explained by possible brain damage or a “head blow” which sounds too much like 2 words related to blowjobs that were strung together to provoke the viewer/listener.

It’s all about contrast and this is amplified by the black and white visuals of a party unfolding over- laid with the witty lyrics scribbled in red. The haunting chorus riff coupled with the absolute truth of knowing, she really is so easy when she finally comes around is where the song comes together. Knowing is what really makes it scary.

What is even scarier is that Llewelyn could not be a better dancer even if he was classically trained. There is just something about the song that lends itself to dancing like no-one is watching. It’s a all-round treat to listen to and the video does this song so many favours. (Written by: Stephan Terblanche)

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