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The Lebowski - ‘Daddy’s Girl’

The Lebowski released their latest single on the 17th of March and we’ve been partying to it ever since.

From the first couple of seconds you just want to shimmy shake your way through your house in your underwear. The music just grabs you and dances with you all the way through to the first pre-chorus where it picks up to be a bit more of a intense dance. The chorus of the song makes it very clear this is a rock song, with a wall of guitars, you are lead through to a catchy post chorus part that you want to Oooh along to. After that we get back into the very, very groovy verse. The second verse is also where the song’s title, 'Daddy's Girl' comes from. The second verse and pre-chorus follows the same structure as the first and leads into another chorus with the same intensity as the first. We are lead through to the bridge/solo part that personally is the crown jewel of the song, bringing together all of the sounds of the song in a flurry of rock rhythm guitars and a very distinctive lead guitar sound. The last chorus is definitely louder and is the last part of the song that brings everything to a noisy and unresolved(tonality wise) resolution. ‘Daddy’s Girl’ is definitely a song that should go on everyone’s local and international playlists, because you’ll want to shimmy shake, bang your head and have a good time every time you hear it. Go listen to The Lebowski's 'Daddy's Girl' by following the links below:

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