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Scarlotte Will To Release Debut Album 'Are We There Yet'

“Are we there yet?’ originates from a skewed perspective of reality based on societal benchmarks which never evens up to the reality of our experiences... a question which seems to always stay unanswered.” - Tristan dos Santos

After years of playing all around South Africa there are bound to be stories to be told. Tales of heavy weather and working through hardships emerge with Scarlotte Will as they have a compendium to reveal to us. ‘Are We There Yet?’, a debut album, out 11th May is available for preorders for Vinyl, CD and digital releases. ‘Are We There Yet?’ consists of the following themes and songs: 1. Tempestas 1. These Lies 2. Feather Weather 3. Ramona Has Fallen

2. Nox 4. Flesh & Blood 5. Drop A Bomb 6. Thick Meat 7. What Do You Want From Me? 8. Not Much But Nothing

3. Lux 9. Under an Hour (Interlude) 10. E is for Ecstacy 11. Let There Be Me 12. All Hail the Ghost (The Dry and Weary Land) 13. New Heaven, New Hell Co-produced by Scarlotte Will and Byron Muller, of Audio Nebula (who also mixed and mastered at Markon Studios), ‘Are We There Yet?’ is a concept album that has artwork done by Christelle Duvenhage and featuring artist Tatiana Prelorenzo (Keys, Pianos), Byron Muller (Percussion, Backing Vocals, Some low notes on Pianos), Stephen Kosterman (Piano), and Prof. D.B. Lombard (Piano). Scarlotte Will, that consists of the same line up since the start consists of Tristan dos Santos (Vocals, Guitar, Keys, Pianos, Backing Vocals, Percussion), Xan Swart (Drums, Percussion), Hugene Koekemoer (Bass, Percussion) and Brendon Bezuidenhout (Guitar, Backing Vocals, Percussion) have, together with the featuring artists, created a story with hard hitting rock songs like ‘These Lies’ to intriguing soundscapes like in ‘What Do You Want From Me?’ to a calmer side like in ‘All Hail The Ghost (The Dry and Weary Land)’. The three themes of the album are perfectly exemplified by all the performers. On the idea of the three themes Tristan explains: “The themes of this album reflect on the turbulent progressions of life and as dark as they may be there is always a silver lining” Byron Muller, of Audio Nebula, explains his experience on working with the band: “I had a great time working with Scarlotte Will. They are a fun bunch of guys to be around and excellent musicians. It helps that they write good music too”

Scarlotte Will has released tour dates where they will be launching their debut album which include previously announced dates as well. Follow Scarlotte Will’s social media pages for further information on upcoming dates and news regarding the release of ‘Are We There Yet?’. Confirmed Tour Dates: Saturday, 28th of April - Misty Waters 2018 - Lake Umuzi Friday, 4th of May - Aces’n’Spades Bar - Cape Town (Facebook Event) Saturday, 5th of May - Aandklas Stellenbosch - Stellenbosch (Facebook Event) Friday, 11th of May - Railways Café - Centurion (Facebook Event)

Find them online:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ScarlotteWill/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/scarlottewill/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/scarlottewill Scarlotte Will’s previous singles, ‘Whale Song’ and ‘Desperation’ have both topped the charts on TuksFM where they have had multiple interviews. They also, on the 5th of April, had a public listening session for ‘Are We There Yet?’ at Railways Café where everyone had the pleasure of hearing the songs from the album more than a month ahead of the release date.

Contact Hugene Koekemoer for more information, promo requests or to set up an interview. Please contact him by email at scarlottewillband@gmail.com or hugene.koekemoer@gmail.com

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