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Holy Collusion - Runaway Nuns (Review)

Time for a full length album Highlight, and what better choice than Cape Town's very own Runaway Nuns and their cracker-of-an-album, "Holy Collusion".

Runaway Nuns, a 5-piece Garage punk band with signature psychedelic undertones, made their debut with their self-titled EP in 2016 and have been shaking the ground since, bringing a second album, "Do The Resistor" into existence in 2017 and recently the full-length album, "Holy Collusion" in March of the current year.

It's quite uncommon to see a 5-piece band under the Garage genre, with the staple being around a 3-piece or hell, even a 2-piece, but with that being said, these boys take full advantage of the surplus of members, without ever compromising on their characteristic originality.

Now, if you've not heard any of their grooves before, take this into consideration: Garage Punk is synonymous with energetic and fervid tones, often being compared to the likes of Thee Oh Sees and The Cramps. (In a stretch) What Runaway Nuns have brought to the table however doesn't quite fit along those lines, at least not at first glance. "Holy Collusion" plays hopscotch on those predefined boundaries and, while seeming more restrained, it's an injustice to compare something so unprecedented and unique.

"Holy Collusion" starts off with the track "Extra Celestial" and right off the bat, it shows off the Surf-punk/Space-rock tones, with layered guitarwork that grooves your socks off and noticeable basslines that grab you.

Following through the album, it's a pleasant Garage rock listening experience, with the psychedelia occasionally coming out to play, without being the bully on the playground. Kicking off the last third of the album is "Modern Hero" and it's (in all subjectivity) the gem of the album. Mashing together the influences of rock 'n' roll, space rock, psychedelia and garage rock with unbridled zest. "Modern Hero" plays out with progression and ambition.

The band members are: - Sean Baron on Guitar and vox. - Desmond Kannemeyer on Guitar aswell as vox. - PJ Franzsen on Drums. - Sihle Mkhize on Bass and vox. - Noah Kaplan and Tambourine and vox.

As you can probably discern, there's 4 vocalists. This being that Runaway Nuns has rotational vocalists, occasionally swapping out vox, dependent on the song.

Runaway Nuns have a timeless album added to their discography, and while it may take a repeated listening to get the album's feel, its well worth the initial hearing!

Be sure to catch the live, they're playing across South Africa, with 5 upcoming dates, one being the infamous That 70's Fest!

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Stay Colluded.

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