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Elle E releases a series of catchy garage rock recordings: “Etiquette”

Introducing: Elle E’s “Etiquette”

A series of catchy garage rock recordings

Good day music lover! You are in for a treat on this wondrous day. You are currently reading the very first paragraph, of the very first press release, for the very first collection of songs by

Elle E.

Elle E is a singer-songwriter from Cape Town, South Africa that doesn’t follow any specific style or musical rules and as a self taught musician she is a left handed guitarist that plays a right handed guitar upside down.

Elle E was started as a solo side project by Ellenie Eloff (Two Stroke, Catwalk Trash) in her bedroom at a time where the now disbanded Two Stroke were the apple of many a Cape Towner’s eye in 2018. What began as a way to re-explore her solo act roots, has quickly become a fully realised project.

“Etiquette” is more playful and a little more optimistic than previous releases by Ellenie. It's more poppy, it's more hooky, but somehow it’s also more dangerous. There’s more swagger, and it has a DIY aesthetic absent on the last few Two Stroke releases.

Going solo has allowed Ellenie to focus on her guitar work and as a result they shine on this release. As always, the vocals are a key driver on the tracks while the drums pound away propelling the tracks through their run times. All songs are written and performed by Ellenie Eloff and the album was mixed and mastered by Jethro Harris at Milestone Studios.

Listen to “Etiquette” below:

(A collection of home recordings)

More about the tracks

The collection begins with the joyous “London, Paris, NY, Berlin”. What starts as an excited love letter to travel and experience, eventually becomes an aggressive, almost nervous, freak out as the instruments start ripping at the song’s seams.

“Mimosas at Socials” has been online for a few months and it now gets a proper release as part of this collection. A brooding, angry verse gives way to a glorious chorus with awesome vocal harmonies as Ellenie turns her lens on middle class opulence in a third world country.

The guitars on “Suburbs” chase the drums in a nervous pluck. They snap into line over the chorus, perfectly matching the lyrics. Throughout, the vocal delivery is strident and dark. Frustration and joy are all bottled up in this song as unsettling meat-related imagery taunts the lazy greed of a suburban life.

Groove-based fourth track “No More” comes in like a sensual stomp over a browning suburban lawn at the end of summer. It’s the sound of making eye contact with a neighbour through your burglar bars; a stranger telling another stranger that they will eventually slip their skin and get through whatever it is that’s holding them down.

“Life Force” starts as an ominous tom groove but spills its guts almost immediately as the song kicks off in earnest. This stomper is an ode to a lover, a garage rock ride straight into the heart of that person who keeps your lawn flamingos clean and shiny.

On “Marine Life” the guitars sound like a sea foam green beach party as Ellenie ditches the lawns and gets surfy. However, as we travel to the coast things seems to stay more or less the same for our protagonist. The coast, so often a place of escape, becomes a space where you realise that you can’t leave your problems behind if you carry them with you.

Keys chime over watery guitars during the intro for “Leftover Lamingtons”. It’s a lament for a sugary treat from a simpler time. The lamington, the perfectly analogy for suburban youth gone dry; a fluffy pillow caressing your aging head, allowing you to slip into the comfort of nostalgia, for better or worse.

Closing track “Trouble” sees Ellenie put the pre-fab walls and face brick in the rear view mirror to head off toward places like the destinations referenced in the first track. It’s the perfect closing for this collection and it will leave you knowing that there is a lot more to come from Elle E.

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For more information, high res images and/or interview requests with Elle E, please contact Andriëtte (Ice) Carstens from Ice Carstens Publicity at info@icecarstens.co.za or on 074 883 4159

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