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Weed Dealer - The Chain (EP Review)

Weed Dealer is a 5 piece Alternative Punk band from South Africa (They have members from all over the country). They released their debut EP, ‘The Chain’ on the 9th of May. All though it's this bands first release, the members are not unfamiliar faces to the South African music scene but more on that later.

‘The Chain’ is a 4 track EP that is a little shorter than 11 minutes long. There are so many moments where you could swear you already know these songs. They carry a very strong sense of familiarity and nostalgia to them in the best way possible. The first song off of ‘The Chain’, ‘Algorithm & Blues’ is a personal favourite and it’s opening lyrics makes it very clear what the song is about. A song about skewed idealism, where you try to give off that you are “more” than you are and how that takes it toll on you. “Wish somebody would tell me why I do this to myself, Chasing validation isn’t too good for my health.” ‘Wasting Your Time’ is a fast paced song about distancing yourself from your social rounds. It’s a song with multiple layers and it hits close to home. A song that crescendos after a very quiet bridge into a hard hitting and powerful final chorus. The lead single from ‘The Chain’ and the song with one of the funniest music videos I’ve seen in awhile, ‘Common Taste’ is all about originality. The guitars are catchy, the chorus gets stuck in your head and you bop your head through the entirety of the song. It is a perfect statement from a “new" band but also the perfect statement from an experienced group of musicians that have seen a lot of change throughout the years. The second longest track off of ‘The Chain’, ‘Note to Self’ comes in at 2 minutes and 55 seconds and it’s the ballad of the release. Quite a deep song in between other songs that also have a lot of meaning. This is a excellent closing track to the release.

Weed Dealer has given us something special with ‘The Chain’. A band that has a rich history of being parts of South African legends like City Bowl Mizers, Wrestlerish, Meth Breath, Satanic Dagga Orgy, The Slashdogs and so many more! With this release Weed Dealer has announced their arrival and I can’t wait to see and hear what they do next.

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