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Is Bunk Junk?

Did our clickbait title work? Because that’s all it is. Clickbait. Bunk is everything but clickbait though. The people from BUNK know what’s up – and they’re ready to revive the Pretoria music scene.

We had the pleasure of attending BUNK 1.0, an event thoroughly marketed and promoted, with a line-up that catered for one and all. On the line-up they had two stages, both not to be missed. On the bar stage, The Lebowski, The Ceramics, Bad Peter and Yo Grapes. On the Garage Stage they had Kid Robot, DSCO Cam and Klepto.

We had a chat with one of the BUNK team, Llewellyn, about what Bunk is all about and why they do what they do.


What is Bunk/ What does Bunk do?

Bunk is many things, it’s a live music movement in Pretoria, it’s a party, it’s an excuse for three friends to drink during the week and plan shows. But most of all it’s whatever you want it to be. Bunk it bro.

What inspired you to start Bunk?

Jaco and Llew were having conversations on how the live music scene in Gauteng was structured, and they questioned the fact that bands were just playing the same rotation of venues to the same crowds. The question then was how could this be changed? How can we open new venues and audiences for alternative bands. Turns out Stephan, who used to work for Hilltop Live, and Jaco were also having this conversation. The end result was a dangerous trifecta of eager friends who want to sell culture to kids.

Why the name ‘Bunk’?

Bunk beds are the coolest things and we all three never had them as children. So we are really just making up for lost childhoods.

How was the response to Bunk 1.0 in terms of what you expected?

The response was overwhelming, we had a really good turnout and the show ended up being a real blast. Our goal was to break into the event scene with a bang and we really achieved that.

When can we expect the next Bunk event?

Bunk 2.0 is on the 12th of October at Jukes. Get amped.

Any spoilers on the line-up?

It’s going to be Leggeh. No seriously, we’re not joshin around here. Its going to be real good.


Okay so if that last line didn't give you a glimpse of the line-up at all, you seriously have to dig into the local music scene a little deeper. All we know is that we're amped, and you should be too! To quote them, 'Bunk it bro.'

Get your BUNK fix:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bunkevents/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bunk_events/

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