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An Evening with Myles Kennedy

One of the Fort Hey team members had the absolute privilege of attending 'An Evening with Myles Kennedy' and was absolutely thrilled to report that it was one of the best nights and a must-see for everyone. Fingers crossed Myles will do us the honour of returning to South Africa very soon! Here's what he experienced:

"Myles Kennedy is an American musician from bands The Mayfield Four and Alter Bridge and has recorded an album with Slash. He truly belongs among the musical voices of world-class legends. Releasing his first solo album ‘Year of the Tiger’ the day before the show, he embarks on his world tour from South Africa as starting point with a most intimate, down-to-earth and world-class acoustic performance.

I walked in the relatively new Sun Arena at Times square and it’s a great venue, the sound was on point and the two screens on the side really helped zoom in on the details, the bar however was a little unforgiving but I guess that helps keep the event PC.

AMP events main spokesperson warmly introduced us into the show and from the first notes you it was clear there was a really special soul on stage. The songs were chosen from his 20-year career in music and featured songs from The Mayfield Four, Alter Bridge, and Slash as well as his own original music and he started with an original off of his album.

Myles Kennedy is one of the world’s best vocalists and that’s evident from the start, his voice flawlessly pitched and range unbelievably wide, his stage presence really comfortable and inviting, but it was also a pleasant surprise to notice his talent on a guitar. On some of the songs playing this beautiful old school resonator guitar, even playing it on his lap like a lap-steel.

The Alter Bridge song ‘Addicted to Pain’ and ‘Lover’ are remarkably big and heavy on the album and a carefully crafted acoustic arrangement was made while keeping the song’s dissonance, dynamic and mood. Entertainingly, he brought out his guitar tech Tim for a few songs one being his latest single ‘Year of the Tiger’. That was the only accompaniment for the night and it really showcased Myles’s suave attitude on stage.

During an acoustic solo set you can really focus on a vocal without loud drums and guitars getting in the way, so you could clearly hear how he characterizes each song’s personality and story, ranging from low and breathy to high and belting. Truly bringing out the beauty of this during his and Slash’s classic ‘Starlight’ fooling everyone into thinking he wouldn’t pull off that high chorus acoustically, and then in the last moments of the tune brilliantly belts it out in all its glory.

Throughout his performance it was evident how humble but confident the performance was, as well as pretty funny at times. The Myles vs crowd banter was fantastic at times. As the last song it’s an Alter Bridge classic ‘Open Your Eyes’ and the crowd sings along so beautifully it’s a true chicken-skin moment, obviously leaving the people wanting more and returning for a two song encore.

He ended the show with a song he hadn’t played in years according to him, taking a chance on Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ and He closes the show with a tear-jerking performance and the entire audience giving him a most well-deserved standing ovation, and perhaps with a promise to come back with his band Alter Bridge.

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