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Wax Beach - Immersion (EP Review)

A production project from Cape Town originally created in 2013 by Jamie Christensen, Wax Beach has grown to include Tiaan du Toit. Jamie and Tiaan are former bandmates that met through mutual friends. After the band came to an end, Tiaan joined Jamie to work with on Demo productions that were already in the works. This formed what would eventually be the debut collaboration Immersion EP with artist and vocalist Irinami (Irina Buzdugan).

Wax Beach’s ‘Immersion’ EP is exactly what this electronic act’s name suggests. It has a refreshing, ‘summer day on the beach’ vibe to it coupled with the sensual feeling of having hot wax poured onto your skin. The hypnotising beats are only strengthened by vocalist Irinami’s gorgeous, smooth voice echoing over the audio crashing like ocean waves, pulling you deeper into this impressive debut EP.

‘Immersion’ consists of four tracks in total, with Irinami covering the vocals of each track. Each song has a very distinct sound, yet the tracks seem to flow into one another in a seamless fashion.

After listening to this EP for the first time, I felt this vague feeling of nostalgia, a yearning for summers at the beach with the closest of friends, cheesy montages flashing before my eyes to this fitting summer soundtrack. I felt the need for a steamy summer romance with the love of my life, imagining people dancing in slow motion to these impeccably paced, enchanting songs.

Wax Beach has created a fresh musical experience that has a wonderful blend of 80’s inspired synth as well as modern house/trap beats. It’s an extremely pleasant sound that I’m sure will resonate with many young people who love older music but simultaneously embrace the newer sound too.

There are a couple of themes carried throughout this EP. The ocean is definitely an inspiration for this EP, as well as the feeling of heat. The warmth of someone’s body, someone’s love.

One song in particular had me genuinely hooked, and that song is ‘Breathe You In’. This track is exactly what electronic music should be. The sonic elements within this track create a lush, dreamscape of youthfulness, young love and freedom that makes you want to listen to it again and again. It’s all about never hiding your feelings for the one you love, spending every moment with them and feeling alive only when they’re with you. My favourite lyrics from ‘Breathe You In’ are its opening lyrics.

“I can’t describe this feeling smouldering Try to hide it But if I did it would be a sin If I did it would be a sin”

While I’ve been gushing over the fantastic electronic sounds of the EP, one cannot ignore the enthralling vocal performance provided by Irinami. She knows exactly how to embody the soul and feeling of each track on “Immersion”. She recites the lyrics with ease and with an understanding of where these words come from. Her performance on ‘Deep End’ is absolutely outstanding as she conveys the feelings of being consumed by a love for someone, never wanting to leave their side, wanting to know everything about them.

Wax Beach knows exactly who they are and what it is that they want to do. The ‘Immersion’ EP is a surprise hit for me. It’s astonishingly well produced and recorded and could rival any international act. It sweeps you away like ocean waves the second you start listening to it. It’s a non-stop beach party in the summertime heat that everyone needs to attend.

Find Wax Beach online:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/waxbeach Twitter: https://twitter.com/waxbeach Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/wax-beach

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