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BRYNN (Live at Railways Café) Review

Railways was fairly full on this Sunday as BRYNN started their set at 16:00. It was a skilled and polished set, raw and sweaty and so incredibly close to the sound captured on their debut album ‘Querencia’ (out now). These musicians are easy on stage, open to the audience and they so very appropriately opened their set with album opener ‘About Time’, with quite a mystical tinge in the air. The next song is ‘Querencia’ the track which the album is named after, and it’s a great encapsulation of the band’s sound. It gets lazy Sunday afternoon Railways Cafe a little moving, with that danceable groove and happy atmosphere, it’s really hard not like.

The sound was great (Thank You Jordan) and you could hear everything clearly. The band definitely has a great time on stage and it’s quite infectious. Frontman’s Jules Terea’s vocal performance really is something to highlight, there’s a high vocal on the song ‘White Collar Kings’ and it really does not seem like the owner of those vocal chords could possibly do that but yet he pulls it off perfectly, it’s quite a sight to see great talent perform live like that.

Their set is cover free and they played only one song that isn’t from their album and it’s a killer tune. Guitarist Dave van Vuuren’s style is well-defined yet clunky and raw and he performs with a healthy amount of passion and confidence to deliver a tight and electric set with some pretty expressive solos. Hezron Chetty is quite the mystique of a character on stage playing with great accuracy and flair. Looking like a real gypsy musician, his violin playing is perfectly pitched and almost fiery enough to actually start a fire. The drums and bass (Eddie Kriel, Alex Smillie) are so tight you don’t really notice, but the underlying grooves supporting the band are really giving the music its character.

BRYNN is a fantastic live band, entertaining but also emotional and raw in delivery, the rhythm section is tight and steady, the guitars, raunchy and grumbly but clean enough to be well defined. The vocals are stand-out and the violin brings a beautiful virtuosity to their performance. With a powerful and ensnaring set, they look humble and down to earth and really just like they’re into having a great jam. From listening to the album to hearing the music performed live, sincerity is at the core of this music and its makers. We can happily preach ‘amen’ after every song. We can’t wait to see to them again.

Following BRYNN, Bye Beneco, as usual, slayed the entire audience with their unique and captivating sound. Lead singer Lenny-Dee Doucha's ethereal vocals had everyone in a trance-like state, especially during songs like "Witch Port" from their debut album entitled "Space Elephant" and "See You Fully" from their newest EP "Ghetto Disko".

Seeing this group perform is always a beautiful, eye opening experience that'll make you realise how unbelievably talented and impressive the South African music scene has become.

If you haven't yet, make a plan to see BRYNN and Bye Beneco live as soon as possible.


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