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Pollinator - Fruit (Album Review)

We found complete joy in reviewing Pollinator’s ‘Fruit’ album, released in 2017. The Johannesburg-based three-piece really knocked it out of the park and it only gets us excited to see what they accomplish next.

Here's our completely subjective, track-by-track review. Enjoy!

[Beige] From what I can hear so far I’ve been jamming out to killer drum-breaks, Evert Snyman’s rock n’ roll riff library and some of the most killer, signature vocals. [Bingo Bango Bongo] The pockets of the grooves are tight and the riffs are big and rhythmic it seems there might be a hint of ‘we’re gonna be really fucking good, groovy and weird but we’re humble and not so serious about it’ ideology underlying everything. [So glad you’re here] Well the tone has changed…. clean guitars, funk drums and a sweet vocal from Louise Eksteen. I’m quite glad I’m here now. I did mention unpredictability right? Wait for it. [Missing the Past] Yoh but that fuzz is thick, damn. And talk about getting to the point, these tunes are short, sarcastically well-written and they follow-up on each other quicker than you can think. [Expectations] Now this is what grooving is about, simplicity, synergy and a deceivingly slow tempo. “Expectations got me wondering why” “Expectation got me built up so high”. If you can’t relate to that well good luck then.

[Racehorse] A case of onomatopoeia and it really works, it makes we wanna learn how to jam that riff so bad. Those drums really power this tune. Brave Face] There’s something romantic about this, the vocal is sweet and beautiful and melodious. I love the story it tells. It grows and grows and we’re graced by a Pollinator style summit of sound. [Turn on the AC] ‘The camels are thirsty’ such a goofy lyric and it totally gets stuck in your head. The drums are killer and the guitars are just too good. This is my favourite song on this album and I don’t really know why. Maybe I’ll have a mud bath later, it seems life is after all not so serious. [Master of Collisions] Quite good with those mysterious titles hey. This’ll make you dance and think. It’s got a really sarcastic guitar riff at the later stages of the tune. [Apple Pie] This vocal is like apple pie Tim Edwards, the groove simple and a bass-line that’s a true testament to Louise’s mad skills on bass. It’s almost hinting a little pop over here. [Tropical Prints] How do you make a guitar sound like that? That fuzz, and a ride that sounds like a bell cannon or something. Such a fantastic chorus, and a mad build-up/breakdown in the centre of this one and it all culminates to the head-banging groove they knew we wanted.

[The Whole 9 yard] Spunky funky, goofy and frankly a little freaky. That chorus guitar-line really tickles my fancy. These vocals are so sassy man. [Put Your Mind to It] Country grooves on drums? Maybe a little … most definitely not a country song with this rock ‘n roll chorus and a short and sweet message that gets across quite effectively.[Can You Boogie] Its album highlight time. This track is amazing. The drums are magnificent, there are breaks you definitely did not expect to work this good. It’s another fantastic case of onomatopoeia (Google it) because that verse will challenge your moves. This was another is one of the best on the album, drums oh such lekker drums.[Sorry for being Alive] Sarcasm anyone? It’s served on vocal, guitar and maybe even on drums. Just a by the way good art is sometimes sarcastic, it’s really great. [Every Inch of my Heart] A real ballad, the way they would. It is beautiful, it’s a sound for sore ears. The realest song on this album. [Hello and Goodbye] March me, groove me man, and then finally right up to a harmonious, melodious epic peak. This tune rise and falls in the perfect ways. The dynamics and arrangement are truly fantastic, and an appropriate ending to masterpiece of a self-recorded and self-produced South African rock album. One of the best of 2017.

If you're from Cape Town, make sure you see them this Saturday at District for We Own The Night Vol.2:Black Math/Pollinator/In Bloom/Two Stroke They're part of a fantastic line-up featuring Black Math, In Bloom, Two Stroke as well as Raygun Royale, brought to you by Kill City Blues.

You can find 'Fruit' online:

Bandcamp: https://pollin4tor.bandcamp.com/album/fruit

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